About Us

Utah’s Porsche and BMW Specialists

The Morris Brother’s obsession with German cars can be traced to the 1980s when the family moved to southern Germany. The exposure to the cars on the road during that time made a lasting impression – less raw power than the muscle cars back home, but more refined, lighter in weight, and excellent handling at high speeds. Of course, the Porsche 911 was the standout.

After returning to the states, Jack and Chad rented a small garage to work on personal car projects while attending college. Jack eventually grew this little operation into a full-fledged shop called Wolfsburg Motorwerks which for over two decades was well-known for Jack’s meticulous vintage Porsche work.

During that time, Jaime rose through the ranks at BMW of Bellevue where he not only became a factory-trained BMW Master Technician but also served as the shop foreman of the largest BMW dealership in the state. Jaime went on to co-found East-side Bavarian, easily the most reputable German repair shop in the area.

The Morris Brothers are pleased to have brought their talent and experience to Utah where they can share their passion and serve the Porsche and BMW owners in the West.