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Here at Morris Brothers Motorsports, we specialize in vintage Porsches. It is our objective to keep these incredible machines on the road running in tip-top shape. We can do everything from regular maintenance to engine out rebuilds and restorations. Below is a list of models that you can commonly see in our shop.

356 (Pre-A/A/B/C)

The first mass-produced car under the name of Porsche. These cars are known for their beautiful and aerodynamically styled bodies. Although they share many parts with the VW’s of the day they are most definitely their own distinct car. They feature a rear-wheel drive, air-cooled rear-engine drivetrain mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

911 (911/930/964/993/996/997/991/992)

The 911 was first introduced in 1964 and is still being sold to this day with many different trim levels and variations. The 912 was also introduced shortly after as the entry-level model with a 4-cylinder engine but the same 911 underpinnings. The 911 has been praised for decades for its beautiful yet simplistic design that has stayed relatively similar throughout its life. One of the only and most significant changes it made was when it switched from the air-cooled engine ending the 993 model to a water-cooled engine for the 996 model range. The 911 however has always been a rear-engine car with an incredibly balanced and visceral driving experience.

Boxster/Cayman (986, 987, 981, 982)

The Boxster was a more modern example of an entry-level Porsche. After a lukewarm reception to the Porsche 924, 944, and 928 the Boxster was embraced as it was a return to what enthusiasts believed was a “true” Porsche with the engine located behind the driver. This however was now technically a water-cooled mid-engined car but still offered a manual transmission and better balanced ride but at a much lower cost than the flagship 911 models. The Porsche Cayman is also based on the Boxster models as a factory hardtop with the same chassis as the Boxster.

We also work on all modern Porsches as well! From Cayenne to Cayman we can do it all. Whether you need a minor service like an oil change or spark plugs to a major service like engine, suspension, or transmission repair, be sure to give us a call to schedule your appointment today

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